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The world's first independent investor dispute resolution organizationThe Commission provides dispute resolution and additional protection up to 20,000 Euros for traders through the Compensation Fund

We have brought together independent leading industry experts and created the most effective Dispute Resolution Committee that can resolve any dispute related to online trading in the digital currency markets.

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Since 2012, we have processed 5,000+ applications and compensated investors for more than €30 million. Adoption and execution of a decision on an appeal is free of charge and takes no more than 7 days

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Fast and efficient dispute investigation and resolution (as opposed to rigid and bureaucratic regulatory bodies)

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Protection in the form of a Commission Compensation Fund of up to €20,000 per claim

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Our Vision

Financial Corporation (FinaCorp LTD) and its affiliates is the first neutral and independent dispute resolution organization, and is not registered as an arbitration organization in any jurisdiction, such things as transparency, ease of interaction and education are of paramount importance in our work. The compensation fund acts as an insurance policy for clients. This fund is only used if the company refuses to comply with the commission's decision and will only cover decisions up to €20,000 per client of the company.

Our Commitments

By protecting the interests of clients, you reduce regulatory and reputational risks. Protection in the form of a Commission Compensation Fund of up to €20,000 per claim; Access to a neutral and impartial environment to resolve any claim; Fast and efficient investigation and dispute resolution (as opposed to rigid and bureaucratic regulatory bodies); Opportunity to learn and get answers without being "in the dark"; A wide range of verified brokers - members and technology providers of the Financial Commission (35+).


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